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Bergsmastraat 5

9982 EA Uithuizermeeden

Uithuizermeeden: +31595412611

Winsum: +31595441774



Deutsch - German English Nederlands - Dutch


About half of the activities of UVO Vervoer are ‘subscription services’, UVO Vervoer’s answer to recurring transportation requests. Schools need their pupils to be taken to and from the swimming pool weekly, employees require transport to and from their work destination daily…: they subscribe, UVO Vervoer does the rest.

Our staff will readily provide free information to all companies, schools or organizers interested.

UVO Vervoer helps you finding the perfect answer to your questions and specific requests. During office hours you can reach UVO Vervoer using the following coordinates:

By phone: 0595-416211
By mail: info@uvovervoer.nl


Bergsmastraat 5
9982 EA Uithuizermeeden
T: +31595412611
E: info@uvovervoer.nl


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24 Stunden

UVO Vervoer ist ein Taxi und Reisebus-Service, die 24 Stunden am Tag, 7 Tage pro Woche zu Ihrer Verfügung steht. Angebot anfordern

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